Peter Fernando, Meditation Teacher

Peter Fernando

Peter began meditation practice in 1998, while staying as a lay guest in Bodhinyanarama monastery in Stokes Valley, NZ. Having been inspired by the teachings in the tradition of Thai Forest Master Ajahn Chah, he remained living in monasteries for 9 years – ordaining as a novice monk in NZ, and traveling to North America to take full ordination at Abhayagiri Monastery in California and Birken Monastery in Canada.

Having left the monk’s life, he has been teaching in Wellington since 2007, and finds a lot of joy in supporting people in the practice of mindful awareness in everyday life.

He offers a variety of online meditations, the latest of which can be found here at

He is the author of ‘Finding Freedom in Illness – A guide to cultivating deep well-being through mindfulness and self-compassion’, published by Shambhala in January 2016. You can read more about it here

For more details on the individual sessions Peter offers, please go here