Hugh Tennent, Meditation Teacher

Hugh Tennent Meditation Teacher

Hugh has been engaged with spiritual inquiry and meditation practice since 1985. He has been leading retreats and offering occasions to practise and learn meditation since 1994 and is a founding teacher of Original Nature. Hugh lives with his partner and their two children and works as an architect. His architectural  practise designs public, private and spiritually focussed projects throughout New Zealand.

Hugh’s interest is in awakening to our inherent spiritual nature, and the integration of this recognition with our contemporary lives.

His teachers have included Joseph Goldstein, Steven Smith and Michelle McDonald of the Insight Meditation tradition and monks of the Theravadan tradition. W.H.L.Poonja of the Advaita lineage of Ramana Mararshi, and teachers of the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Currently he is receiving teachings with the Diamond Heart Ridwan School of A H Almaas.