SUMMER WEEKEND RETREAT – Meditating in the Body

  • What: Somatic Meditation Non- Residential Retreat
  • When: Saturday January 13 and Sunday January 14 2018 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Where: Home of Compassion, Island Bay
  • Who: Erin Taylor
  • Cost: $200 or $160 earlybird if paid before December 31 2017. Low-income places always available. (Cost includes payment for the teacher)
  • Register: To register contact Erin

During this retreat we will practice somatic (embodied) meditation which helps to heal the disconnection between body and mind. This separation is a symptom of stress and has become a chronic condition for many of us.

Lying-down meditation practices will support us to reconnect with our body, relax deeply and discover our belonging to the earth, which enables us to let go further. As tension and resistance melt, more and more subtle layers of experience are revealed – breath, energy/qi and the boundless dimension of ‘being’.

Instead of trying to transcend or repress our suffering, which can often be the unconscious agenda of spiritual practice, embodied practice gives us a way to work with our experience as it is, to enter into an intimate relationship with our own life and to find our innate wisdom and compassion which is the true antidote to our distress.

We will do both lying-down and sitting practices as well as simple qigong exercises which support the meditation. Detailed instructions will be given and there will be opportunities for sharing and questions.

This workshop is suitable for those new to somatic (embodied) meditation, and also for experienced practitioners wanting an opportunity for intensive practice.
BYO lunch