Natural Mind Open Heart – Essentials of Mindfulness Meditation

  • What: 6 week meditation course
  • When: Wednesdays September 20 to November 1(except Oct 11) 7:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Where: Level 1, 35 Victoria St. Wellington
  • Who: Hugh Tennent
  • Cost: $120 unwaged places always available
  • Register: To register contact Hugh

Suitable for those new to the practice of mindfulness meditation, and those with experience, this course offers the opportunity to engage with our experience from the freshness and immediacy of the current moment.
Encountering life as it unfolds, draws open the heart, releasing the ways we can close to life and to others.
We will explore the naturalness of our experience, as it is, and recognise and relax patterns of reactivity , which can be familiar but un-serving to our lives.
Mindfulness meditation, with its direct and accepting experiencing, offers a radical yet inherently natural way of being.
This course will explore this quality of attention, the capacity to bring ease to anxiety and preoccupation, and to open the heart to life, steadily creating an undefended confidence and understanding within ourselves.