Meditation and Emotion

  • What: 6 week meditation course
  • When: Wednesdays 31 May to 05 July 7.30-9.0 pm
  • Where: Level 1, 35 Victoria Street,Wellington City
  • Who: Hugh Tennent
  • Cost: $120 Unwaged places always available
  • Register: To register contact Hugh

This six week course will focus on our emotional life, that colours and shapes so much of our experience, both in pleasurable and painful ways.

Manifesting most often  in the play of relationship, both with ourselves and with others, our emotions are a tremendous area for learning, as much wellbeing can be accessed through understanding the nature of  emotions, and how we respond to them.

From the deepest despair to heightened joy, the  fact of our emotional life is unequivocal, and yet we may defend or inhibit the direct experiencing of emotion out of a habit that once served us,  but can now leave us disturbed and disconnected.

The practise of mindful attention offers us the ability to recognise,  allow, and investigate our emotional life with a nurturing frame. We are not seeking a bypass or avoidance, or an identified  possession of emotional experience, rather an embodied and aware relationship with this central aspect of life.

The course will use guided meditations, dialogue, contemplation and discussion.