Exploring the Territory of the Real

  • What: 4 Day Residential Retreat
  • When: 6pm Thursday 21 September - 12pm Sunday 24 September
  • Where: Riverslea Retreat
  • Who: Erin Taylor
  • Cost: $325 food ($9 surcharge per day for special diets) and accommodation plus Dana for the teacher(Unfortunately we're not able to offer scholarships for this retreat but it is possible to make an arrangement to pay off the fee over time)
  • Register: To register contact Erin

When we investigate our experience, we can discover that what we take to be real is mostly a constructed reality, a virtual bunker, walled by our habitual patterns, opinions and beliefs. On closer inspection, our incessant inner commentary bears a disturbing similarity to the current phenomenon of fake news.

We might ask, who am I really, behind the commentary? How can I discover what is true about myself and the world? What does it take to free myself from my confinement as a separate, unloving self in my head? What qualities and potential lie dormant in the unexplored territory of my whole being?

By searching for answers, even practising meditation, we might learn to rearrange our consciousness to get some relief and ease, but we can still feel fundamentally ungrounded, trapped in a largely conceptual reality and disconnected from our source.

This retreat, held mainly in silence at the auspicious time of the spring equinox, offers the opportunity to learn and practise somatic (body-based) meditations, which enable us to reconnect directly with the spacious presence of our body. Freed from the demands of daily life, we will have the chance to taste and savour this embodied awareness which opens the door to true compassion and to the infinite territory of the real.

What to expect:
Guided somatic practices – lying down and sitting (deeply relaxing and grounding)
Sitting meditation
Walking meditation
Gentle qigong practice to re-energise after lunch (or exercise of your choice)
Dharma talks and opportunities for sharing/questions
Small group and/or one-to one guidance

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