Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation is a tradition of practice that originates from the 2600 year old Theravada teachings of the Buddha.  It is primarily concerned with seeing clearly into the nature of life as we experience it, and finding a place of clear knowing and freedom in the heart. From this place we can discover for ourselves how to live beautifully and skillfully in the world, and relate to our lives with integrity and self respect. The Buddha taught that the development of wisdom goes hand in hand with the development of the heart qualities of compassion and loving-kindness, making this practice not only for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of all others with whom we have contact. Since the practice of Insight Meditation is based upon self inquiry and our own direct experience, it is accessible to people of any or all spiritual traditions.

“About this mind… in truth there is nothing really wrong with it. It is intrinsically pure. Within itself it’s already peaceful. That the mind is not peaceful these days is because it follows moods. The real mind doesn’t have anything to it, it is simply an aspect of Nature.

The untrained mind is stupid. Sense impressions come and trick it into happiness, suffering, gladness and sorrow, but the mind’s true nature is none of those things…our practice is simply to see the Original Mind.”

Ajahn Chah